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The Danish History, Books I-IX (also known as) Gesta Danorum

By Saxo Grammaticus

The Danish History, by Saxo Grammaticus

 Prose Edda by Snorri Sturluson

Translated by Anthony Faulkes (1987)

Snorri Sturluson's Edda

a second version with hyperlinks to the individual sections


Poetic Edda

Translated by Henry Adams Bellow (1936)

The Poetic Edda Index

Translated by Olive Bray (1908)

The Elder or Poetic Edda.pdf

 Germania by Tacitus 

Tacitus' Germania

 The Icelandic Sagas database

Ibn Fadlan and The Land of Darkness by Ibn Fadlan

Ibn Fadlan and The Land of Darkness

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