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A Modern Heathens Guide to Norse Paganism: The Earth-Centered Religion that Empowers Us to Embrace Our Inner Viking and Take Charge of Our Fate 


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Modern Heathens Press is proud to announce the release of our first book!

About The Book

Norse Paganism is as relevant and useful today as it was during the time

 of the Vikings. Life has gotten easier, but it is far from easy. Through a 

careful analysis of the primary sources, (Icelandic Sagas, History of the 

Danes, Germania, as well as the Poetic and Prose Eddas) Quinby C. 

Larson has identified the values, traits, and goals of the people and their 

gods. The attitudes and beliefs of the earlier Norse Pagans (the Vikings 

and their ancestors) can help you build a happy, successful, more 

fulfilling life. A Modern Heathens Guide to Norse Paganism: the 

Earth-Centered Religion that Encourages Us to Embrace Our Inner 

Viking and Take Charge of Our Fate, explains how their values and 

priorities work today so that you can incorporate those things more 

intentionally into your life. 


Norse Paganism is rooted in ancient practices and beliefs. 

It thrives today, but not without adaptations. The difference 

between then and now is not a shift in core values.  Instead, it is an 

evolution, acknowledging advances in science and social norms, to meet 

the needs of modern-day heathens. Larson also reveals the stories of the 

people behind the sources, including the ambitious Roman orator 

Tacitus, creator of the controversial, 2,000-year-old book, Germania. In 

these pages, you will learn the real reason why the people of Germania 

were a “pure race.”  Spoiler alert, despite what White Supremacists 

would like you to believe, it had nothing to do with race. 

This book is not an encyclopedia of Norse mythology. It is instead a 

roadmap for how you can live your best life based on the wisdom of 

Odin and his followers gleaned from myth and lore.

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About Quinby C. Larson

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Quinby C. Larson currently resides, with her family, in Southern California. Although like most, she was raised in an Abrahamic religion, Larson is a self-described "Heathen."

Larson is taking a short break from writing books for adult Norse pagans/ heathens, so that she can focus her attention on writing for Little Heathens!

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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Modern Heathens Press LLC was created to provide a place in publishing dedicated to Norse Paganism and other pagan beliefs, along with areas of interest specific to pagans. Our mission is to bring together the pagan community. To provide a place of acceptance, understanding and enlightenment. We support inclusion and believe that the god or gods one chooses to worship and follow is a personal choice not limited by heritage, background, or gender identity.


It is our goal to build a sense of community, to publish high quality, well-researched books written by pagans for pagans. There is some commonality between all pagan beliefs, but each is unique and should be uplifted in its own right.


We will also use our website as a place to share ideas and personal stories related to animism and pagan beliefs. The pagan journey is often a solitary one. We strive to provide a welcoming space for heathens and other pagans to come together, learn, share and grow. 


Currently, we have one author, Quinby C.Larson, whose passion and focus is Norse paganism. Her first book and ours, A Modern Heathens Guide to Norse Paganism: the Earth-Centered Religion that Empowers Us to Embrace Our Inner Viking and Take Charge of Our Fate, is now available on,,, and


Our ultimate goal is to expand and bring writers from pagan traditions from across Europe and eventually, around the world. 

We will also publish children’s books focused on pagan beliefs, celebrations, and virtues.

What people are saying about A Modern Heathens Guide to Norse Paganism

“I enjoyed reading this book very much. It is well written and researched and covers a great amount of information regarding the ancient practices of Norse Paganism. Its uniqueness is its approach to teaching how to live in the modern world incorporating these ancient practices , ethics , behavior and morality.”

Michael S.

“Among the books I’ve read regarding Norse paganism this book does a wonderful job at tying it all together and putting it into a modern lense. I also enjoyed how it took a stance against racism which seems to have its claws dug into the history of this religion even though there’s no actual call for racism in Norse paganism. Overall this book exactly what it says it is. A guide for modern day pagans. Hopefully everyone enjoys reading it as much as I did.”

Sheridan M.

“It did a good job of presenting the “traits and values” of the Vikings and how we can use the examples given to live better lives. Very well researched and presented, especially in dealing with the issue of racism.”

Heather L.

“Very informative and well written. This book contains a lot of information and references, it is very well put together.”

Cody C.

“An Excellent book! This is a very informative and well written book! I have read it twice now and it will be in my collection for review many more times!

Joshua T.

“An unbiased look into Norse Paganism. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and thoroughly encourage others to do so, as well.”

Robert S.

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